turn n' look

Philip Harvey is an award-winning photographer in San Francisco specializing in lifestyle, still life, interiors and food. and @PhilipHarveySF

Shot this great chair at Leigh Studio, very cool piece
Every time I look at this dog, I wonder what he’s thinking. … #ThinkIllGoForAWalk #undecided 
Inspired spaces 
Perfect day for a walk. HappyMonday everyone! 
Colorful moments with Leigh Studio 
Coming soon to a store near you!  So excited to see displays from around the world featuring Philip Harvey Photography!  Happy 30th @burtsbeesus !! #anniversary #artdirectors #productstyling
Keeping healthy food fun at the studio 
A little reminder to not take life too seriously. Have a great Thursday everyone! From a shoot a couple of years back. 
Where will your summer take you? 
@burtsbeesus turning 30! Photo shoot @kikithedinosaur and I worked on being featured on their website, Instagram, and Facebook pages. Happy birthday @burtsbeesus !!